Recent News and Updates About Armstrong Music

Man in a white shirt with a bruise on his cheek in front of a wall with “Armstrong” and “Bruises” graffitied on it

Aug 7 2021

Bruises Turns Heads at Honk Magazine

Armstrong's popular new single, Bruises, is making waves all over ...
Headshot of a bald white man wearing black sunglasses over his head and a black shirt

Dec 10 2019

From Frustrated Guitarist to an Inspired Musician: My Story

Not until too long ago, I was doing what most ...
A black star symbol above two riffles crossing their barrels

Dec 10 2019

New single explores softer side. Draws immense praise.

KMS reviews did a killer write-up on You & Me, ...
Silhouette of a man holding an electric guitar in front of bright stage lights

Dec 10 2019

Armstrong Goes Instrumental with Cycles, Critics Go Nuts

Sora Music had some amazing things to say about Cycles, ...