Armstrong Music

Original Tracks and Covers Written, Produced, And Performed By A Talented Artist


An Independent Musician With a Distinctive Sound

An Independent Musician With a Distinctive Sound




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Armstrong Music
Armstrong Music


Armstrong is a musician with a very distinctive background

His sound is quite diverse and unapologetic. In fact, his songs blur the lines between a vast array of musical influences and other creative ideas that aren’t commonly heard together.

Armstrong’s music is inspired by metal, hip-hop, alternative rock, hard rock, and so many other styles. In fact, his sound even seamlessly dives into other influences, such as EDM and pop music!

Armstrong was initially playing with a band, which included a singer and other musicians. However, he recently decided to focus on his solo endeavors such as making some amazing instrumental music.

Going solo was a significant change and indeed, a fantastic opportunity for Armstrong to have free rein in bringing his vision to fruition. Without any limitations, he can seamlessly explore each of his ideas.

This is how he can switch back and forth between different genres, following his creative hunches without any fear of self-imposed labels or other descriptions. He is still keen to consider collaborations with other artists on future tracks, leaving the door open for a massive range of creative avenues in the future!


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